Shellfish Regulations In accordance with their co-management responsibilities as outlined in U.S. v. Washington, Tribes are required to issue a regulation prior to the opening of a fishery. These regulations outline the specifics of a fishery, including the time, place and species to be harvested, and are sent to other affected tribes and agencies. Regulations filed by the Point No Point Treaty Council are listed by species.

Regulations listings are generally updated as they are issued, please check with individual fisheries offices to verify fishery openings.

Shellfish Annual Regulation

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PGST Approved Buyers

Subsistence Fishery Shellfish

S23-002 CLAM OYSTER Subsistence 1-26-2023 to 1-31-2024

S22-020 Crayfish Subsistence 4-1-22 to 3-31-23

S22-051 Octopus Subsistence 6-1-22 to 5-31-23

S22-064 Rgn3 Crab Subsistence 4.6 6-15-22 to 4-15-23

S22-066 Rgn5 Crab Subsistence 4.6 6-22-22 to 2-28-23

S22-227 Rgn2W Crab Subsistence Close 3-22-23

Commercial Fishery Shellfish

Clam & Oyster

PGST S22-10 Intertidal Bivalve Regulation 2022 5-1-22 to 4-30-23

S23-019 Nushu Clam PVT 4-8-23


S22-063 R3 3-3 3-4 Crab 4.6 6-16-22 to 4-15-23

S22-064 Rgn3 Crab Subsistence 4.6 6-15-22 to 4-15-23

S22-070 Rgn2W Crab Subsistence 4.6 6-20-22 to 3-31-23

S22-226 Rgn1 Crab 4.6 11-19-22 to 3-31-23


Sea Cucumber

S22-225 Cucumber 3-1-23 to 3-31-23


S22-143 NCS Geoduck 10-10-22 to 3-31-23

S22-202 HC Geoduck 1-1-23 to 3-31-23

S22-203 Strait Geoduck 1-1-23 t o 3-31-23

S23-017 HC Geoduck 4.6 4-1-23 to 3-31-24

S23-018 Strait Geoduck 4.6 4-1-23 to 3-31-24


S22-224 Urchin 10-1-23 to 8-31-23

Barnacles * Mussels * Octopus * Squid * Crayfish * Scallops

S22-020 Crayfish Subsistence 4-1-22 to 3-31-23

S23-003 Strait Intertidal Subsistence barnacle 2-1-23 to 12-31-23

***This link will take you to see the 2014-2022 list of our regulations separated by year, finfish and shellfish regulation-archive