Finfish Regulations

Xixiang In accordance with their co-management responsibilities as outlined in U.S. v. Washington, Tribes are required to issue a regulation prior to the opening of a fishery. These regulations outline the specifics of a fishery, including the time, place and species to be harvested, and are sent to other affected tribes and agencies. Regulations filed by the Point No Point Treaty Council are listed by species.

Regulations listings are generally updated as they are issued, please check with individual fisheries offices to verify fishery openings.

Finfish Annual Regulation

Subsistence Fishery Finfish

F22-001 Halibut Subsistence Modified 1-1-22 to 12-31-22

F22-014 Annual Salmon Steelhead Subsistence 5-1-22 to 4-30-23

F22-016 Subs. and Rec Foodfish and Gamefish 5-10-22 to 4-30-23

Commercial Fishery Finfish

F22-017 PGST Roadside Salmon Troll 5-21-22 to 4-30-23

F22-018 PGST Roadside Bottomfish 5-21-22 to 4-30-23

F22-019 PGST Roadside Halibut 5-21-22 to 12-07-22

F22-020 PGST Roadside Herring 5-21-22 to 4-30-23

PGST Annual Coho 9A 8-7-22 to 10-29-22

F22-033 PGST Roadside Coho 8-21-22 to 10-29-22

F22-038 12A Coho HH 8-21-22 to 10-8-22

F22-039 12A BS Clarified 8-21-22 to 10-8-22

F22-043 82F Coho 9-1-22 to 10-8-22

F22-045 4B-6C Coho 9-11-22 to 10-08-22

F22-046 12 12B Coho BS-HH Cor. 9-16-22 to 10-8-22

F22-048 6D Coho 9-21-22 to 11-05-22

F22-050 12-12B Coho GN 9-25-22 to 10-15-22

F22-052 Halibut JT 9-28-22 to 9-30-22

PGST F22-02 PGST Forage Fish Final 10-1-22 to 4-31-23

F22-053 12A Gillnet 10-3-22 to 10-5-22

Historic Regulation Archive