2024 Shellfish Regulations

Port Gamble

S24-01 Gravel Plot CLAMS
S24-02 Point Julia OYSTERS
S24-04 Gravel Plot OYSTERS
S24-09 MODIFIED Gravel Plot CLAMS
S24-10 Dabob Lease CLAMS
S24-12 Intertidal Bivalve Regulation 2024
S24-10 Dabob Lease CLAMS 5.21.2024_MODIFIED
S24-12 Intertidal Bivalve Regulation 2024 FINAL
S24-15 Gravel Plot CLAMS 5.28.2024
S24-16 Dabob Lease CLAMS
S24-16 Dabob Lease CLAMS 6.6.2024 MODIFIED
S24-17 Dabob Lease OYSTER


S24-001 Annual Commercial Clam and Oyster
S24-002 Annual CS Clam and Oyster
S24-003 Strait Intertidal Subsistence
S24-004 Quilcene NW Quilcene SW Clam 4.6
S24-005 Duckabush Oyster 4.6
S24-006 Indian Island 9.0 Clam
S24-007 Dosewallips N TritonCove Oyster 4.6
S24-008 Quilcene W Clam 4.6
S24-009 PG HeritagePark Oyster Ceremonial PG Open
S24-010 Quilcene NW Quilcene SW Clam 4.6
S24-011 Duckabush Oyster 4.6
S24-012 Anderson Cove Oyster PVT
S24-013 Indian Island 9.0 Clam
S24-014 Nushu Clam PVT
S24-015 Dosewallips S Oyster 4.6
S24-016 HC Geoduck 4.6
S24-017 Strait Geoduck 4.6
S24-018 Annual Geoduck
S24-019 HC Geoduck 4.6
S24-020 Strait Geoduck 4.6
S24-021 IndianIsland CP Clam
S24-022 Duckabush Oyster
S24-023 E.Dabob Clam
S24-024 HC Spot 4.6

S24-025 HC Geoduck 4.6
S24-026 Annual Shrimp
S24-027 Rgn3 23AC 23B 25A Spot Test
S24-028 HC Spot 4.6
S24-029 Indian Island 9.5 Clam
S24-030 Dabob Broadspit Oyster
S24-031 HC Spot 4.6
S24-032 Rgn3 Non-spot 4.6
S24-033 2W Non-spot 4.6
S24-034 Rgn1 1A 1B Non-spot 4.6
S24-035 Discovery Bay Spot Subsistence 4.6
S24-036 23AS 23D Spot PG 4.6
S24-037 Rgn1 1A 1B Rgn2W Rgn3 23AE 23AW Spot 4.6
S24-038 23AC 23B Spot 4.6
S24-039 Shrimp Ceremonial PG Open
S24-40 E.Dabob GuillemotCove Oyster
S24-041 E.Dabob GuillemotCove Clam
S24-042 23AS 23D Spot JT 4.6
S24-043 Shrimp Ceremonial PG Open
S24-044 Strait Geoduck
S24-045 HC Geoduck
S24-046 HC Spot Subsistence
S24-047 Rgn1 1A 1B Rgn2W Rgn3 23AE 23AW Spot 4.6
S24-048 HC Spot Subsistence
S24-049 Heritage Park Oyster
S24-050 Dabob Broadspit Oyster
S24-051 Indian Island 9.5 Clam
S24-052_Rgn1 1A 1B Rgn2W Rgn3 23AE 23AW Spot 4.6
S24-053 HC Spot Subsistence
S24-054 NCS Geoduck 4.6
S24-055 Rgn3 23C 29 Spot 4.6
S24-056 Crab Ceremonial JT Open
S24-057 Octopus Subsistence
S24-058 Anderson Landing Oyster
S24-059 Indian Island 9.5 Clam
S24-060 Rgn2W Crab Subsistence 4.6
S24-061 Rgn5 Crab 4.6
S24-062 Crab Ceremonial JT Open
S24-063 Annual Crab Regulation
S24-064 Crab Ceremonial JT Open
S24-065 Rgn3 Crab Subsistence 4.6
S24-066 Rgn5 Crab Subsistence 4.6
S24-067 Rgn2W Crab 4.6
S24-068 R5 Crab Ceremonial PG Open
S24-069 Heritage Park Oyster
S24-070 StavisBayHOA Clam PVT
S24-071 R3 3-2 Crab Test JTS24-072 Rgn3-2 Crab 4.6
S24-072 Rgn3-2 Crab 4.6
S24-073 Rgn5 Crab 4.6
S24-074 Rgn2W Crab Subsistence 4.6
S24-075 Crab Shrimp Ceremonial PG Open
S24-076 SequimBaySP Cockle Wolfe ButterClam Ceremonial PG Open
S24-077 R3 23AC 23B Spot 4.6