2023 Shellfish Regulations

Port Gamble
S23-01 Reservation Ceremonial OYSTERS CLAMS
S23-02 Gravel Plot CLAMS
S23-03 Gravel Plot OYSTERS
S23-04 Reservation Ceremonial BUTTER CLAMS
S23-05 Reservation Ceremonial OYSTERS
S23-06 Reservation Ceremonial CLAMS
S23-07 Gravel Plot OYSTERS

S23-001 Annual Commercial Clam and Oyster

S23-002 Annual CS Clam and Oyster
S23-003 Strait Intertidal Subsistence Barnacle
S23-004 Dosewallips N Clam
S23-005 Dosewallips S Oyster
S23-006 Indian Island 6.5 Clam
S23-006 Indian Island 6.5 Clam MOD
S23-007 Anderson Cove Oyster PVT
S23-008 Quilcene W Quilcene SW Clam 4.6
S23-009 Duckabush Oyster 4.6
S23-010 Dosewallips N Clam 4.6
S23-011 FultonCreek Duckabush DosewallipsN Oyster
S23-012 Heritage Park Clam 4.6
S23-013 Quilcene SW Clam 4.6
S23-014 Indian Island 6.5 Clam
S23-015 FultonCreek Oyster 4.6
S23-016 Annual Geoduck Reg Final
S23-017 HC Geoduck 4.6
S23-018 Strait Geoduck 4.6
S23-019 Nushu Clam PVT