2023 Shellfish Regulations

Port Gamble
S23-01 Reservation Ceremonial OYSTERS CLAMS
S23-02 Gravel Plot CLAMS
S23-03 Gravel Plot OYSTERS
S23-04 Reservation Ceremonial BUTTER CLAMS
S23-05 Reservation Ceremonial OYSTERS
S23-06 Reservation Ceremonial CLAMS
S23-07 Gravel Plot OYSTERS
S23-12 DABOB LEASE CLAMS 4.22.23
S23-13 Intertidal Bivalve Regulation 2023 Final
S23-18 Point Julia OYSTERS 5.18.23
S23-19 Gravel Plot OYSTERS 5.18.23
S23-24 Point Julia OYSTERS
S23-25 Gravel Plot OYSTERS
S23-32 Gravel Plot OYSTERS
S23-34 Point Julia OYSTERS
S23-37 Gravel Plot OYSTERS
S23-38 Gravel Plot CLAMS
S23-39 Middle Creek CLAMS
S23-40 Point Julia OYSTERS

S23-001 Annual Commercial Clam and Oyster

S23-002 Annual CS Clam and Oyster
S23-003 Strait Intertidal Subsistence Barnacle
S23-004 Dosewallips N Clam
S23-005 Dosewallips S Oyster
S23-006 Indian Island 6.5 Clam
S23-006 Indian Island 6.5 Clam MOD
S23-007 Anderson Cove Oyster PVT
S23-008 Quilcene W Quilcene SW Clam 4.6
S23-009 Duckabush Oyster 4.6
S23-010 Dosewallips N Clam 4.6
S23-011 FultonCreek Duckabush DosewallipsN Oyster
S23-012 Heritage Park Clam 4.6
S23-013 Quilcene SW Clam 4.6
S23-014 Indian Island 6.5 Clam
S23-015 FultonCreek Oyster 4.6
S23-016 Annual Geoduck Reg Final
S23-017 HC Geoduck 4.6
S23-018 Strait Geoduck 4.6
S23-019 Nushu Clam PVT
S23-020 Indian Island 5.0 Clam
S23-021 Wolfe Oyster 4.6
S23-022 Seal Rock Oyster
S23-023 Crayfish Subsistence
S23-024 Annual Shrimp Reg Final
S23-025 Rgn3 23AC 23B 25A Spot Test
S23-026 Duckabush Oyster 4.6
S23-027 HC Spot PG
S23-028 Rgn3 23AC 23B 25A 23AE Spot Test
S23-029 HC Spot PG
S23-030 HC Spot PG
S23-031 HC Spot PG Close
S23-032 Discovery Bay Spot Subsistence
S23-033 23AS 23D Spot Subsistence
S23-034 HC Spot PG
S23-035 HC Spot PG
S23-036 HC Spot Subsistence
S23-037 Rgn3 Non-spot
S23-038 2W Non-spot
S23-039 AndersonLanding Oyster
S23-040 Quilcene SW Clam
S23-041 23AS 23D Spot JT
S23-042 SequimBaySP Cockle Ceremonial PG Open
S23-043 HC Spot JT
S23-044 Shrimp Clams Oysters Cockles Ceremonial PG
S23-045 Shrimp Clams Oysters Cockles Ceremonial PG
S23-046 Dabob Broadspit Oyster
S23-047 Rgn1 1A 1B Non-spot
S23-048 Shrimp Clams Oysters Cockles Ceremonial PG Open
S23-049 Indian Island 5.0 Clam
S23-050 Nushu Clam PVT
S23-051 Dabob Broadspit Oyster
S23-052 Dabob Broadspit Oyster Close
S23-053 E. Dabob Clam
S23-054 Anderson Landing Oyster
S23-055 Octopus Subsistence
S23-056 Wolfe Shine Cockle Ceremonial PG Open
S23-057 Annual Crab Reg Final
S23-058 Crab Ceremonial JT Open
S23-059 Rgn1 1A 1B Rgn2W Rgn3 23AE 23AW Spot
S23-060 Crab Ceremonial JT Open
S23-061 R3 23C Crab Test JT
S23-062 R3 23C Crab Test JT Closure
S23-063 GuillemotCove Clam
S23-064 AndersonLanding Oyster
S23-065 Indian Island 5.0 Clam
S23-066 Anderson Landing Clam
S23-067 Rgn1 1A 1B Rgn2W Rgn3 23AE 23AW Spot Close
S23-068 HC Spot Subsistence Close
S23-069 Rgn5 Crab 4.6
S23-070 Heritage Park Oyster
S23-071 R3 3-2 23C Crab Test JT
S23-072 Rgn5 Crab 4.6
S23-073 23AS 23D Spot PG
S23-074 R3 3-3 3-4 Crab 4.6
S23-075 Rgn5 Crab Subsistence 4.6
S23-076 Rgn3 Crab Subsistence 4.6
S23-077 Rgn2W Crab Subsistence 4.6
S23-078 23AS 23D Spot JT
S23-079 23AC 23B Spot JT
S23-080 R5 Crab Ceremonial PG Open
S23-081 23AC 23B Spot PG
S23-082 Rgn3-2 Crab 4.6
S23-083 StavisBay HOA Clam PVT
S23-084 Rgn3-2 Crab 4.6
S23-085 Kwolek Oyster PVT
S23-086 Rgn1 Crab 4.6
S23-087 Indian Island 6.0 Clam
S23-088 Wolfe Clam PG Heritage Oyster Ceremonial PG Open
S23-089 R3-2 Crab Ceremonial PG Open
S23-090 Gass Oyster PVT
S23-091 E.Dabob Clam
S23-092 Rgn1 1A 1B Rgn2W Rgn3 23AE 23AW Spot
S23-093 Rgn1 1A 1B Non-spot
S23-094 Wolfe Clam Ceremonial PG Open
S23-095 R3-2 Crab Ceremonial PG Open
S23-096 R5 Crab Ceremonial PG Open
S23-097 PG HeritagePark Clam Oyster Ceremonial PG Open
S23-098 Horse Clam
S23-099 R5 Crab Ceremonial PG Open
S23-100 23AC 23B Spot PG
S23-101 Discovery Bay Spot PG
S23-102 Discovery Bay Spot Subsistence JT
S23-103 25C Geoduck Test JT
S23-104 Cucumber 4.6
S23-105 Squid 4.6
S23-106 Broere Oyster PVT
S23-107 Rgn1 1A 1B Rgn2W Rgn3 23AE 23AW Spot
S23-108 Cucumber 4.6
S23-109 Indian Island 6.0 Clam
S23-110 Wolfe Clam Ceremonial PG Open
S23-111 R3-2 Crab Ceremonial PG Open
S23-112 Rgn Crab Subsistence 4.6
S23-113 R3 25A Spot
S23-114 HC Spot Subsistence
S23-115 Rgn2W Crab
S23-116 Anderson Landing Oyster
S23-117 Spot Combo Mopup JT
S23-118 Dabob Broadspit Clam
S23-119 Spot Combo Mopup JT
S23-120 Rgn2W Crab 4.6
S23-121 R3 25A Spot
S23-122 Spot Combo Mopup PG
S23-123 Discovery Bay Spot Subsistence JT Close
S23-124 Discovery Bay Spot JT
S23-125 Spot Combo Mopup JT
S23-126 23AS 23D Spot JT
S23-127 23AC 23B Spot JT
S23-128 Rgn3-1 Crab 4.6
S23-129 Rgn2W Crab 4.6
S23-130 Rgn3-1 Crab 4.6
S23-131 Indian Island 6.0 Clam
S23-132 Cucumber 4.6
S23-133 Rgn3-1 Crab 4.6
S23-134 Cucumber 4.6
S23-135 Quilcene SW Clam
S23-136 Nushu Clam PVT
S23-137 Crab Ceremonial JT Open
S23-138 Crab Ceremonial JT Open
S23-139 Rgn3-2 Crab 4.6
S23-140 Scallop 4.6
S23-141 Crab Ceremonial JT Open
S23-141 Rgn3-2 Crab 4.6
S23-142 Heritage Park Oyster
S23-143 Dabob Broadspit Oyster
S23-144 Rgn1 Crab 4.6
S23-145 Rgn1 Crab 4.6 Close
S23-146 Rgn1 Crab 4.6
S23-147 E.Dabob Clam
S23-148 Rgn3-2 Crab 4.6
S23-149 Rgn1 Crab 4.6 Close
S23-150 Rgn5 Crab 4.6
S23-151 Rgn1 Crab 4.6
S23-152 Rgn5 Crab 4.6
S23-153 Indian Island 6.5 Clam
S23-154 Rgn3 Non-spot
S23-155 R5 Crab Ceremonial PG Open
S23-156 Rgn3 23AC 23B 25A Spot Crab Test JT
S23-157 Rgn1 Crab 4.6
S23-158 NCS Geoduck
S23-159 Cucumber 4.6
S23-160 Urchin
S23-161 Cucumber 4.6
S23-162 Rgn1 Crab 4.6
S23-163 2W Non-spot Close
S23-164 Dosewallips N Quilcene SW Clam
S23-165 Dosewallips S Oyster
S23-166 Rgn1 Crab 4.6
S23-167 R5 Crab Ceremonial PG Open
S23-168 Anderson Cove Oyster PVT
S23-169 Quilcene NW Clam
S23-170 Dosewallips N Oyster
S23-171 Urchin
S23-172 Scallop 4.6
S23-173 Rgn1 Crab 4.6
S23-174 Rgn1 Crab 4.6
S23-175 Crab Ceremonial JT Open
S23-176 Anderson Cove Oyster PVT
S23-177 Cucumber 4.6
S23-178 Quilcene NW Clam
S23-179 Dosewallips N Duckabush Oyster
S23-180 Indian Island 6.5 Clam
S23-181 Rgn2W Crab 4.6
S23-182 Crab Ceremonial JT Open
S23-183 Rgn1 Crab 4.6
S23-184 Duckabush Oyster
S23-185 Dosewallips S Clam
S23-186 Rgn2W Crab 4.6.pdf
S23-187 Cucumber
S23-188 Wolfe Quilcene NW Clam
S23-189 Duckabush Oyster
S23-190 Cucumber
S23-191 Urchin
S23-192 Rgn5 Crab 4.6