Shellfish Regulations

In accordance with their co-management responsibilities as outlined in U.S. v. Washington, Tribes are required to issue a regulation prior to the opening of a fishery. These regulations outline the specifics of a fishery, including the time, place and species to be harvested, and are sent to other affected tribes and agencies. Regulations filed by the Point No Point Treaty Council are listed by species.

Regulations listings are generally updated as they are issued, please check with individual fisheries offices to verify fishery openings.

Shellfish annual regulation

Horse Clam
NEW Crab

Red Rock Clam

Subsistence Fishery Shellfish

S20-002 CLAM OYSTER Subsistence 1-1-2020 to 1-31-2021

S19-060 Subsistence Octopus 1-19-2019 to 5-30-2020

S20-027 Discovery Bay Subsistence Shrimp 4-18-20 to 9-15-20

S20-031 Hood Canal Spot Shrimp Subsistence 4-25-20 to 6-30-20

S20-047 Octopus Subsistence Open 6-1-20 to 5-31-21

S20-049 Rgn 2W Non-Spot Shrimp Open 5-30-20 to 10-15-20

Commercial Fishery Shellfish

Clam & Oyster

PGST S20-13 Intertidal On Reservation Bivalve Regulation 2020 Final 5-1-20 to 4-30-21

S20-050 Anderson Landing Oyster Open 6-3-20 to 6-4-20

S20-051 E. Dabob Quilcene NW Clam 6-7-20 to 6-10-20

S20-053 Fulton Creek Oyster Open 6-5-20 to 6-6-20

S20-055 Heritage Park Oyster 6-8-20

S20-056 Dosewallips N Oyster 6-9-20


S20-052 HC 4.6 Crab Open 6-17-20 to 6-19-20


S20-028 Region 3 23C 29 Spot Shrimp Comm-Subs 4-21-20 to 9-15-20

S20-032 Rgn 1 Non-Spot Shrimp Open 5-1-20 to 10-15-20

S20-033 R3 Non-Spot 4-27-20 to 10-15-20

S20-046 Rgn 3 23AW 23AE Rgn 1 1A Rgn 2W Spot Open 5-29-20

S20-049 Rgn 2W Non-Spot Shrimp Open 5-30-20 to 10-15-20

Sea Cucumber


S20-021 Strait Geoduck 4-1-20 to 6-30-20

S20-038 CSnd Geoduck-PG JT 4.6 5-18-20 to 3-31-20

S20-041 HC Geoduck 4-1-20 to 9-30-20


S19-172 Urchin 6-15-18 to 8-31-20

Barnacles * Mussels * Octopus * Squid

S19-099 Squid 8-1-19 to 6-31-20

Additional regulations

Historic Regulation Archive