Point No Point Treaty Council uses a Geographic Information System (GIS) to create, analyze, store, and display spatial information to meet the needs of the Treaty Council and to support the PNPTC Member Tribes’ Natural Resources Departments. The GIS Analyst works closely with the PNPTC and Tribal biologists to address issues that are important to the Member Tribes, including low flow studies, habitat assessment modeling, riparian vegetation assessments, and may other issues within the Shellfish, Finfish, Wildlife, and Habitat arenas. The GIS Analyst also supports the efforts of the Northwest Indian Fisheries Commission’s (NWIFC) Salmon and Steelhead Inventory and Assessment Program (SSHIAP) in the Hood Canal and Straits region. 

PNPTC 2009 Riparian Land Cover Project Map Viewer

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Sarah Burlingame, PNPTC GIS Analyst

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