Fish & Game Enforcement

The Treaty Council has a long history of coordinating with both state enforcement personnel and tribal enforcement agencies to ensure compliance with fisheries and hunting regulations, which are either issued by the individual tribal offices or the Treaty Council office.

Members who violate regulations can be cited in tribal court where they can face penalties ranging from monetary fines and loss of fishing or hunting privileges to imprisonment.

The member tribes’ enforcement staff are responsible for 2,250 square miles of marine patrol area in Puget Sound, Hood Canal, the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the San Juan Islands, as well as 1,250 river miles, and the surrounding geography of the Treaty Area.

Hood Canal Area
Port Gamble Enforcement 360-297-7469
SGT. Josh Grasseth  360-516-0630
Officer Ryan Farmer 360-265-7820
Mauricio Benitez 360-621-6853

Strait of Juan de Fuca Area
Jamestown Enforcement 
SGT. Rory Kallappa 360-477-0233
Officer Jason Robbins 360-460-5178
Officer Patrick Carter 360-477-3531