2019 Shellfish Regulations

S19-001 Annual clam and oyster public tidelands
S19-002 Annual clam and oyster ceremonial subsistence
S19-003 Dose Clam
S19-004 Dose Oyster
S19-005 Quilcene W NW Clam 4.6
S19-006 Triton Cove Oyster 4.6
S19-007 Heritage Park Oyster 4.6
S19-008 Pt.Whitney Oyster Open 4.6
S19-009 Quilcene SW NW Clam 4.6
S19-010 Dosewallips N Oyster 4.6
19-011 Annual clam and oyster public tidelands.pdf
19-012 Annual Clam and Oyster Sub Ceremonial.pdf
S19-013 Dosewallips N Quilcene SW Clam
S19-014 Heritage Park Oyster
S19-015 Duckabush Oyster