2019 Shellfish Regulations

S19-001 Annual clam and oyster public tidelands
S19-002 Annual clam and oyster ceremonial subsistence
S19-003 Dose Clam
S19-004 Dose Oyster
S19-005 Quilcene W NW Clam 4.6
S19-006 Triton Cove Oyster 4.6
S19-007 Heritage Park Oyster 4.6
S19-008 Pt.Whitney Oyster Open 4.6
S19-009 Quilcene SW NW Clam 4.6
S19-010 Dosewallips N Oyster 4.6
19-011 Annual clam and oyster public tidelands.pdf
19-012 Annual Clam and Oyster Sub Ceremonial.pdf
S19-013 Dosewallips N Quilcene SW Clam
S19-014 Heritage Park Oyster
S19-015 Duckabush Oyster
S19-016 Annual Geoduck
S19-017 Annual Clam and Oyster Sub Cere
S19-018 Strait Geoduck 4.6 Open-PG JT
S19-019 Strait Geoduck 4.6 Open-PG JT
S19-020 HC Geoduck 4.6-PG JT
S19-021 AndersonLanding Oyster Open
S19-022 Heritage Park Clam Open
S19-024 Annual Shrimp
S19-025 Rgn 3 23AC 23B Spot Test
S19-026 Rgn 1 Non-Spot Shrimp Open
S19-027 Rgn 3 23AC 23B Spot Test
S19-028 HC Spot Open
S19-029 Region3 23AC-B Spot Open JT
S19-030 Region3 23AC-B Spot Open PG
S19-031 E. Dabob Oyster
S19-032 Duckabush Clam Open
S19-033 Heritage Park Oyster
S19-034 Region3 23AC-B Spot Open PG
S19-035 HC-Spot Subsistence
S19-036 HC Spot Open
S19-037 E. Dabob Oyster
S19-038 HC-Spot Subsistence
S19-039 E. Dabob Oyster
S19-040 Dabob Broadspit Oyster
S19-041 Dabob Broadspit Clam Open
S19-042 PGST Heritage Park Oyster
S19-043 Disco Bay Spot Subsistence
S19-044 Heritage Park Oyster Close
S19-045 Guillemot Cove Clam
S19-046 E. Dabob Oyster
S19-047 Rgn 3 Non-Spot Shrimp Open
S19-048 CLAM PVT Chin Wilkes Open
S19-049 Rgn 3 23C 29 Spot Open
S19-050 HC Geoduck 4.6-PG JT
S19-051 Rgn 1 Spot Subsistence
S19-052 Strait Mussel Barnacle Subs
S19-053 Rgn 3 23D Spot Subsistence
S19-054 Rgn 2W Non-Spot Shrimp Open
S19-055 E. Dabob Oyster
S19-056 Anderson Landing Oyster
S19-057 CLAM PVT Zelatched Pt. POA
S19-058 HC Non-Spot Shrimp Open
S19-059 Annual Crab.pdf
S19-060 Octopus Subsistence Open
S19-061 HC Non-Spot Shrimp Close
S19-062 Strait 3-3 Crab Open
S19-063 HC 4.6 Crab Open
S19-064 HC 4.6 Crab Subsistence Open
S19-065 Dabob Broadspit Oyster
S19-066 Rgn 3 23AW 23AE Rgn 1 1A Rgn 2W Spot Open
S19-067 Guillemot Cove Oyster Open
S19-068 E. Dabob Clam Open
S19-069 HC Spot Open
S19-070 Strait Geoduck 4.6 Open-PG JT
S19-071 HC Spot Open
S19-072 2W Crab Open
S19-073 2W Crab Open
S19-074 2W Crab Subsistence Open
S19-075 Region 3 Crab Subsistence Corr
S19-076 HC-Spot Subsistence
S19-077 HC-Spot Subsistence
S19-079 E. Dabob GuillemotCove Clam Open
S19-080 San Juan Crab Open Correction
S19-081 San Juan Crab Open
S19-083 Region 1 Crab
S19-084 San Juan Crab Close
S19-087 Region3 23AS-23D Spot Open JT
S19-088 San Juan Crab Open
S19-089 2W Spot Open MopUp PG
S19-090 Rgn 3 23AW Spot Open MopUp PG
S19-091 Rgn 3 23AS-23D Spot Open PG
S19-092 Cucumber 4.6 Open
S19-093 CLAM PVT GambleBayHomeowners
S19-094 E. Dabob Clam Open
S19-095 CS Apple Cove PT Geoduck PG JT 4.6
S19-096 HC Spot Open
S19-097 Strait Crab 3-2 Open
S19-098 Region1 1A Spot MopUp JT
S19-099 Squid Open
S19-100 OYSTER PVT Schorn
S19-101 Strait Crab 3-2 Open
S19-102 Strait Crab 3-2 Open
S19-102 Strait Crab 3-2 Open Mod
S19-103 E. Dabob Clam Close
S19-104 Cucumber Open
S19-105 Region3 23AS-23D Spot MopUp Open JT
S19-106 Disco Spot Open PG
S19-107 Region3 23AS-23D Spot MopUp Open PG
S19-108 E. Dabob Clam Open
S19-109 Rgn 1 Non-Spot Shrimp Open
S19-112 Rgn 3 25A Spot Open
S19-113 OYSTER PVT Heller
S19-114 CLAM PVT Haig-Mackey Open
S19-115 Quilcene SW Clam
S19-116 Rgn 3 25A Spot Open
S19-117 Dist 1 Urchin 4.6 Open
S19-119 Rgn3 Shrimp
S19-120 Reg 1 Crab
S19-121 Reg 2W Crab
S19-122 E. Dabob Clam Open
S19-123 AndersonLanding Oyster Open
S19-124 Strait Crab 3-2 Open
S19-125 Strait Crab 3-1 Open
S19-126 Disco Spot Open JT
S19-127 Strait Crab 3-2 Open
S19-128 San Juan Crab Open
S19-128 San Juan Crab Open MOD
S19-129 Cucumber Close
S19-130 Dosewallips S Quilcene SW Clam
S19-131 Dosewallips N Oyster
S19-132 Strait Crab 3-2 Open
S19-133 HC Geoduck 4.6-PG JT
S19-134 Strait Geoduck 4.6 Open-PG JT
S19-135 HC 4.6 Crab Open
S19-136 PG-Bay Hansen Oyster
S19-137 HC 4.6 Crab Close
S19-138 Hansen Oyster Close
S19-139  Reg 2W Crab
S19-141 Dosewallips N Clam
S19-142 Heritage Park Oyster
S19-143 Rgn 1 Non-Spot Shrimp Close
S19-144 Dosewallips S Clam
S19-145 Pt.Whitney Oyster Open
S19-146 Scallop 4.6 Open
S19-147 Rgn 3 Non-Spot Shrimp Open
S19-149 Dosewallips N Oyster
S19-150 Urchin Open
S19-151 Heritage Park Oyster
S19-152 Quilcene SW Clam
S19-153 2W Crab CLOSE
S19-154 Strait Crab 3-2 Open
S19-155 San Juan Crab Open
S19-156 Wolfe Tidelands Clam Open
S19-157 Dosewallips N Oyster
S19-159 HC 4.6 Crab Open
S19-160 HC 4.6 Crab Open